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7th-Mar-2009 11:10 am - Insert a cool subject here.
It's like 11:16 and I'm laying in bed with Shane. Dang, we're lazy, lol.

It's my birthday though! 

Holy crap. I'm 23. Am I old? I don't feel old.
3rd-Mar-2009 10:33 pm - Birthdays
The theme for Unprotected6 this week was birthdays. I think it's pretty ironic that mine is this Saturday.

P.S.: I'm a Power Ranger!
1st-Mar-2009 10:47 am - 4 Days <3
Happy Birthday Mark!

There are so many birthdays around this time. Mark's is today. Alyssa's and Drew's is Wednesday. Mine's this coming Saturday. My best friend Josh's is the following Thursday.

Still a little sick. Barely have my voice, but I'm feeling a lot better. I don't feel the medicine wearing off anymore, which is amazing, because that means I don't have to take it a lot.

Shane is going to be here in four days for the weekend of my birthday. Damn, out time apart flew by. One more break apart after this, and then we're living together. I'm pretty excited. That means if everything goes like we planned, only 27 more days until we're together forever. It really seems like nothing.

For my movie-watching friends, don't rent Pathology. It had a cool idea but was executed poorly. It's a waste of time and money.

Oh yeah. It's supposed to snow today and tomorrow. 2 to 4 inches here in South Carolina. What the hell?
27th-Feb-2009 04:25 pm - BBLJ8 is finally over.
Today makes the third day I've been sick with a cold. Definitely the worst cold I've had in a while, it's more annoying than anything else, but I am really just ready for it to go away.

BBLJ8 ended last night. I sent in my vote yesterday and participated in the live finale. I am so glad it's over now. It was a really tough game, even if it was fun. It just had way too much drama in it for my liking. Granted, I participated in and pushed a lot of the drama toward my last weeks there, but that was after I gave up trying to just make friends and decided to actually start playing the game.

I was allowed into bblj_reunion last night, now that the game is over, and I kind of wish I didn't go in, lol. There was so much Todd-hate, and what was the worst is a lot of it came from someone I thought was my friend. I'm not just talking about "I hope Todd gets evicted," or "Todd is a liar," but "Sometimes I wonder, though, if he realizes just how much of an ass his "oh, I'm such a nice person, I'm no better than anyone else, but now that I think about it, I am cute, funny, and have had a crappy life..." spiel makes him seem to be," and "Just look at their faces; both look as if they haven't slept in 6 years." I don't know Austin, but thanks Mark. ;) I'm not going to read the diary rooms. I'm just not, lol. I'm not hurt or sad by any of this stuff, surprisingly. And, I got some pretty amazing things out of this game:

1) Shane. We're going to be living together next month. Things can't really get much better, and despite all the drama in the game, people calling me a druggee because of bags under my eyes in some pictures, and all of the stress, Shane makes it all worth it, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I love Shane with all my heart.
2) Andrew. Andrew is my best online friend now, and someone I can vent to and share my creative ideas with. He's always there to listen, and even help out.
3) Marina, Nick D., Alyssa, Stacey, and Jenn. All good friends who I talk to pretty often.
4) Other acquaintances like Rob, Mandy, and Tina where there are possibilities of friendships.

I'm just really glad it's over. 

I'm off today and staying in and resting since I'm sick. I'm seriously debating between Mega Man Anniversary Collection and Sonic Mega Collection, but either way there will be some serious Gamecube usage today.
21st-Feb-2009 07:55 pm - Unprotected6
Some of you guys are aware that I am apart of a Youtube channel called Unprotected6. It's basically a vlog channel ran by five friends and myself. We just finished the second week. It's pretty hilarious at times, (What can I say? My friends are funny.) and I think you guys might enjoy it. It's only going to get better, so check it out, and subscribe to the channel if you have a Youtube account! It helps support me in one of my projects, and you guys are my friends. </guilt trip> ;)

Anyway, my day to update the channel is every Tuesday, but this week I switched with my buddy Andrew because I was so tired from my trip to Kansas. I made my video today, on his normal day, and it continues the rant I started in my last Livejournal entry. I figured you guys might like it. Feel free to comment here or on the Youtube page (And rate!). I'm really interested in you guys' feedback.

And Lawren, Tina, Margie, Matt, Lori, Holly, etc! I mentioned Animorphs!

17th-Feb-2009 10:32 pm - The Best Valentine's Day Weekend Ever
For Aaron and others who don't like hearing about Shane, take heed of this warning: This entry has a lot of Shane in it. Skip it.

Me and Shane



I went to Kansas to visit my boyfriend for Valentine's Day Weekend.Collapse )

We were also called  homos a few times, so that didn't make me like the people in Kansas a whole lot. I guess I could run into that anywhere. What I don't get is that it wasn't really warranted. We weren't groping anywhere. On one occasion, we were just holding hands. Another we were hugging, and the last time was at the airport where we were hugging and kissing. We also got a few "What the hell?" and "Go to hell," looks by people driving by us in cars while we were on the road. We were never in the middle of the aisle blocking people anywhere. We weren't doing it to show off our homosexuality, either. We just were living our lives. I guess what I don't get is it doesn't really affect them. Why do they care? 

It doesn't bother Shane like it does me, but I've always been one to care about what people think. It's a downfall of mine. It's not that they make me ashamed to be gay, either. It just makes me sad that they care about it so much. Why does me being gay have to bother them so much?
12th-Feb-2009 12:38 pm - 0 Days Left!
I'll be on my way to Kansas soon. I'm surprisingly not psyched out at all about flying anymore. I just can't wait to see Shane.

See you guys Monday!
8th-Feb-2009 11:06 am - 4 Days
I will try to work on that Video Meme again today, so if you guys have anymore questions, shoot them at me. I can't promise I'll finish, but I'll try.

I'm going to Kansas on Thursday to see my boyfriend. It's so crazy how fast 32 days flew by. (Okay, technically there are still four left...) I'm really excited but at the same time, I'm really really nervous. Not about Shane, of course. I'm just scared of flying. I've been on an airplane twice in my life. Once to get to Germany and once to get back to the states. It was nonstop the entire way. This is hardly as bad, but so many what-if's keep popping in my head. What if I miss my connector? What if my flight is canceled? I only get five days with him. What if we crash?

I think I'm going to just keep looking ahead to what's at the other side. My smiling boyfriend. Kisses. You guys have no idea how bad I want to kiss Shane right now. Flying is just an obstacle I have to pass to get to that.

I finished the fourth case in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney last night. Shane told me to save the last case in that game for after I've finished Trials and Tribulations because it doesn't advance the story, and because aspects of that case are in the Apollo Justice game. It makes sense to me. I'm starting Justice for All today. God that game was so much fun. I've not rushed through a game like that in months, but I couldn't  put it down. I loved Edgeworth. He's battling Tidus right now.
1st-Feb-2009 07:07 pm - Video Meme Responses
Here are my responses to the questions asked to me in this post.

Mandy, I didn't get your question until after I had already made this video, so I'll answer yours in a second video. Since I am making a second video, if you guys have more questions for me, feel free to go ahead and ask, and I'll feature it in the next video.
31st-Jan-2009 02:35 pm - Video Meme
You know, I've always wanted to create a meme. I do them all the time. Why not start one? Making a video last night was a lot of fun, and I want more practice. I don't really want to tag anyone because not everyone has the software/hardware or is comfortable enough to make a video, so if  you want to do this, have at it. Otherwise, please participate in mine!

Ask me a question. Ask me anything. I'll give you an honest answer in a video response.

Depending on how many of these I get, I may make a video for each question, answer several questions in one video, or even all the questions in one video. Everybody's questions will be answered, though, so ask away. Also, you can ask more than one question, but don't get carried away and leave me a survey to answer, lol.

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